The enterprising learning STANDARD is a cluster of quality characteristics, descriptions and assessment criteria.

The STANDARD helps educational institutions to clearly understand:

  • what is enterprising learning
  • how to employ enterprising learning systematically
  • how to evaluate your success and the changes in your educational institution, teachers, pupils and the network.


The STANDARD is linked to internal evaluation of the educational institution and based on the national curriculum.

Compliance to the STANDARD will show interest groups that the educational institution uses a systematic quality management system, carrying out regular self-evaluations and completing external evaluation, which is certified by issuing a quality mark with a certificate of honour and a flag.

By systematic implementation of the STANDARD and acquiring certification, you will:

  • ensure the quality of education at your institution;
  • increase the competitiveness of your institution;
  • improve the management at your institution and other processes (communication, planning, etc.);
  • enhance cooperation with interest groups and partners;
  • gain the trust of interest groups and partners;
  • save existing resources by eliminating errors and redundant activities and find extra resources within the institution;
  • acquire a quality mark as an additional marketing tool


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