Module I – basic training for educational program “Enterprising school”

(3 academic hours)

TARGET GROUP: teachers of pre-school child care institutions, schools of general education and vocational schools, heads of educational institutions, members of board of trustees, members of student self-governments, support staff of educational institutions, parents, local government workers

OBJECTIVE: Those who complete the module will understand why is enterprising necessary and how to systematically develop it in educational institutions by using the “Enterprising school” educational program


Those who complete module I…

…can explain what enterprising is;
…understand, why enterprising is necessary for persons, institutions and community;
… is aware of the stakeholders’ problems and knows how to solve them;
…know what is the „Enterprising school “educational program
… can describe the differences between enterprising learning and entrepreneurship studies
… acknowledges the necessity of partners and their role in the studies
… know the stages from the first steps to the establishment of a sustainable “Enterprising school”;


*The history of educational program “Enterprising school”.
*Problems of stakeholders and solving them by using enterprising school.
*Mapping of enterprising person.
*Practical examples.
*The basics of systematic implementation of “Enterprising school” educational program.

Learning takes places in an auditorium that allows group work

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