The idea of enterprising education which was initiated in Ida-Viru County originates from the educational system of Scotland, the representatives of West-Lothian County came to speak about it at a seminar held by the county government in 2005 to introduce Scotland’s enterprising program. In May 2005, a delegation of IVEK (Ida-Viru Enterprise Centre), EAS (Enterprise Estonia) and EKTK (Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) went to see the results of Scotland’s program. IVEK then initiated the cooperation, being convinced that the Scots actually manage to achieve excellent results.

Cooperation between the three parties (IVEK, schools, Scottish partners) began from the commonly perceived problem that our schools are very knowledge-centred, so the graduates are often less enterprising and their competitiveness as both employers and employees is low. The project partners have a common understanding that enterprising is not just formal economic studies but a person’s ability to turn their ideas into actions. This requires specific knowledge about processes in society (including economy), skills for teamwork, analysis, planning, organizing and necessary characteristics such as creativity, activeness, openness, sense of responsibility and flexibility and of course the right attitude: „Can do-will do”.