Module II – Training for implementation of enterprising learning

(8 academic hours)

TARGET GROUP: teachers and teacher’s aides of pre-school child care institutions, teachers of schools of general education and vocational schools, heads of educational institutions

OBJECTIVE: Those who complete the module can integrate enterprising learning into their classes


Those who complete module II…
…can analyze the objectives of learning in the context of both their classes and the educational institution;
…can make learning more learner-centred;
… know what is the tool of enterprising learning, TULEM, and knows how to employ it;
… know how to connect the topics of the curriculum with real life;
… know how to integrate subjects with each other;
… know how to establish successful cooperation with non-school partners;
… know how to give and analyze feedback;


*Objectives of teaching.
*Tool of enterprising learning, TULEM.
*Engaging partners.
*Methods for giving and asking feedback.
*Planning and conducting enterprising learning

Learning takes places in an auditorium that allows group work

According to Adult Education Act, our number of economic activity notice related to further training activities is 167937. We can be found in Estonian Education Information System (EHIS).