Module III – Training for the Standard of enterprising learning

(6 academic hours)

TARGET GROUP: teachers and teacher’s aides of pre-school child care institutions, teachers of schools of general education and vocational schools, heads of educational institutions

OBJECTIVE: Those who complete the module will clearly understand the logic behind the enterprising learning Standard and its opportunities and knows how to use the Standard as a tool for internal evaluation and development


Those who complete module III will…
….understand the Standard’s logic;
… know how to assess the compliance of the Standard’s domains to the principles of enterprising learning;
… know how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of educational institution and take action to remediate the weaknesses;
… know how to fill the self-evaluation table according to the Standard’s factor descriptions;
… know how to engage an adviser;                                                                                                     …know how to use the Standard as a development tool;
… know when to involve an external assessor;

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